“When you learn, teach. When you get, give. "

- Maya Angelou


About me…

After fostering well over 100 dogs, volunteering for many years, and furthering my knowledge and experience… I currently serve as Dog Behavioral Consultant for Heartland Small Animal Rescue. This role has allowed me to work with families who have adopted or are fostering rescue dogs with a wide range of behavioral issues. We work together to pinpoint problem areas, establish healthy boundaries, and implement a routine that provides their dog with the structure they need to succeed. My goal in this role is to create balance in the home so every adoption is a success.

Also being a full time Pet Sitter, I have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of dogs. The joy I see in these dogs when they are happy and healthy gives me the drive to help others succeed.

Furthering my education in dog behavior is one of my top priorities. Learning and perfecting my techniques allow me to grow and provide top notch behavior training to my clients. Ultimately, giving you the tools needed to give you and your dog a happy and balanced life together. Every relationship requires effort to be successful, and I can provide the guidance to give you and your dog their best life.


How I can help

Lets start with a behavioral consultation! This is an opportunity for me to evaluate and learn about your specific situation. This initial session can take some time and will be key in creating a plan to address your dog’s behavioral needs.

Once we have developed your training plan, we will fully review the training package. Your package will include any necessary materials and I will personally make sure they are ordered and delivered to you before our first session.